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Oud Abiyad vs. Oud al Amir

Attar Designer Maison Anthony Marmin has seven Oud perfume oils from his large collection of attar fragrance designs. Lets explore those fragrance oils with unique notes comparison. Oud Perfume Oil Comparison Part-1

What is Musk?

Anthony Marmin has compiled his research about the difference between white musk and black musk, but also regarding the musk origins, and how the term Synthetic is frequently misunderstood. He voluntary wrote it short...


Top 10 Perfumes

The top 10 most popular oud and other scents in Canada of 2021 are… Sheikh al Faransi Amber al Faransi Oud of Tom Ford (Our Impression) Oud al Amir Oud Samatra Oud Assam African...