Crown of Maison Anthony Marmin

Sheikh al Faransi is the real jewel of Maison Anthony Marmin. I would say that Sheikh al Fransi is the Crown of Perfume Designer Anthony Marmin also known as Abdul Karim Al Fransi.

Sheikh Al Faransi is a sumptuous fragrance well balanced around a precious Oud and an authentic ambergrisSheikh Al Faransi is all about luxury and tradition of Middle Eastern perfumery.  Powerful without being aggressive, Sheikh Al Faransi is robust, complex and unique, with a pronounced sillage.

Sheikh Al Faransi has a subtle masculine style. Sheikh is an honorific title in the Arabic language and Al Faransi means “The Frenchman”.

Olfactory description

  • Honey from Kashmir, Centifolia Rose from Grasse
  • Hint of Saffron, Pleasant Oceanic Ambergris, Dark Chocolate
  • Oriental Amber, Sandalwood from Indonesia, Oud Cambodi

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